Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Video Camera Inspection: Why You Should Consider It

Hunter Ford

A video camera inspection is the inspection of drain pipes and sewer lines using a small high-resolution camera. The small camera is attached to a long flexible optical fiber cable that allows the camera to snake through pipes while providing a live video feed to the plumber. The camera pipe inspection method makes it easier for the plumber to see what is going on inside a clogged pipe and detect where the pipe is damaged underground, without digging out the lines. Unfortunately, some consumers are unaware of the various benefits a pipeline camera inspection can provide for them. Here are a few examples of the services this kind of assessment can provide.

Saving Time and Reducing Costs

Before plumbers had access to these types of inspection cameras, determining where an underground pipe was damaged or leaking was based on pure guesswork. The plumber would have to dig out the pipes at different segments to determine the area with a problem. This kind of approach is very time-consuming, and since plumbing contractors get paid on an hourly basis, the labor cost for the job tends to be high due to the accumulation of hours. However, if the plumber utilizes a camera for the inspection, they can see the pipe area with an issue and determine the best course of action. Pipeline inspection cameras come equipped with a location transmitter that enables the plumber to pinpoint the pipe area with an issue. Hence, if the pipe needs to get dug up, the plumber knows the exact location to start digging. This approach minimizes the time taken to find the problem, thus minimizing labor costs for the consumer.

Retrieving Lost Valuables

Articles of jewelry often fall down the sink and end up in the drain. Retrieving such items is considered almost impossible because there is no way to find them in the pipes. However, using a camera pipe inspection unit, the camera can snake through the pipes and locate the lost item with ease, thus making it possible to retrieve the lost item.

Home Inspection

Before purchasing a new home, consumers should have a thorough inspection of the sewer and drainage systems. Unfortunately, some home inspectors do not conduct detailed assessments of the pipes. The consumer then realizes there is an issue with the pipelines after they have already bought the home. However, if the consumer demands a pipeline camera inspection, they have the opportunity to see for themselves whether or not the drainage and sewer systems are in good condition. Hence, they can purchase the property without the fear of any future issues with the pipe systems


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