Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Garbage Disposal Woes And What They Mean

Hunter Ford

If you have a garbage disposal in your home, you likely appreciate the convenience it offers. Garbage disposals are handy to have in kitchens because they can help make cleaning a breeze. There are little worries when it comes to getting rid of food scraps quickly, and the devices are designed to eliminate food waste through drains in a safe manner. Homeowners can expect their garbage disposals to last for many years provided they use them correctly and recognize and address issues. The following points represent signs of garbage disposal repair that may need a plumbing contractor.

Longer than Expected Time to Grind Food

Assuming you have been using your garbage disposal for a while, you likely know how long it takes for it to break down food. Changes in its performance that result in longer wait times could be indicative of the unit needing to be replaced. If you recently purchased your home from a previous owner, it is possible that the unit has reached the end of its lifespan. However, it is also possible that the blades responsible for grinding food are dull. A blade replacement could resolve the issue, rather than replacing the entire unit.

Shuts Off After Extended Use

Most garbage disposals have sensors that respond to overheating. If you find yourself doing a lot of dishes on a regular basis, the unit might shut off in response to getting too hot. The shut-off feature is designed to prevent motor damage. Allow the unit to cool off, and it should restart. You could avoid this issue by cleaning the dishes in smaller batches or washing them as you go throughout your day rather than letting them accumulate. Some shut-offs are related to circuit breaker issues. Frequent occurrences could be indicative of an electrical issue.

Foul Odors

First, consider what goes into your garbage disposal. Old food could be the reason behind the smells. It is possible that food is lodged in the grates and needs to be removed. You can pour bleach into the unit to try to combat smells. If it does not work or the odors return, an inspection of the unit could determine that it is trapping food. If there is food lodged in the unit, it can be cleared to determine if performance improves. Older units that continue to trap food will likely need to get replaced.

A plumber is a good resource to use if your garbage disposal's performance changes for the worse. They can inspect the unit and determine if a repair is needed. If the unit has reached the end of its lifespan, they can advise accordingly and assist with installing a new garbage disposal.


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