Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

3 Situations That Require Hydro Jet Cleaning

Hunter Ford

Most homeowners are familiar with using drain cleaners and snakes to clear clogs, but hydro jetting is a newer, more sophisticated option for incredibly stubborn problems. Although hydro jetting requires more expensive equipment and skilled operators, it can be useful in a wide range of situations. Keep reading to discover three drain problems that you can quickly and effectively solve with a hydro jet.

1. Old, Built-Up Clogs

Clogs that seem to appear from nowhere are often the result of years of drain abuse. Grease and oil can accumulate on the inner walls of your home's pipes, creating an environment that impedes water flow and traps more particles. Eventually, the build-up will become severe enough to slow your drain noticeably or cause a back-up.

When you clear a stubborn clog like this using a drain cleaner or snake, you may not get the entire blockage. Instead, you might remove just enough to get your water moving again but leave enough debris for the process to start again. Hydro jet cleaning will not only remove the blockage but also clean the pipe interior to prevent future accumulation.

2. Sewer Root Infiltration

Tree roots have a fantastic ability to find sources of nutrients and water. Unfortunately, your home's wastewater looks like a five-star buffet to many of the plants living on your property. Tiny cracks in your sewer pipes can allow tree roots inside, where they will feed on the contents and begin to grow. These roots can grab up additional debris or even become large enough to clog your drains on their own.

If you've ever tried to rip tree roots out of the ground, then you know that they can be shockingly strong. Although some chemical options exist, snaking and other physical clog removal methods will be insufficient. Hydro jets have the strength to blast through roots and flush out the debris. A plumber can inspect the pipes for damage once they have cleared the blockage away.

3. Anytime Traditional Methods Fail

While some situations always call for a hydro jet cleaning, sometimes a more "normal" clog won't budge with traditional methods. When snaking or drain cleaners fail, it can usually be more cost-effective to bring in the heavy guns rather than to continue to waste time on less powerful options. As long as your pipes are in relatively good condition, hydro jets are an option for nearly any clog.

Whenever you have a clog or slow-running drain that you can't resolve, your best option is to consult with a professional. A plumber can determine if hydro jet cleaning makes sense for your situation and offer alternatives if not.


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