Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Protect Your Tank: How To Avoid Problems With The Installation Of Your Water Heater

Hunter Ford

When your water heater goes out, you need to replace it as quickly as possible. But, you also need to make sure that the installation is done properly. Problems with the installation of your new water heater can present serious issues later on. That's why it's important that you take precautions. Before you make mistakes with the installation of your water heater, here are four steps you should follow. 

Take Care With the Relief Valve

If you plan to install your new water heater as a do-it-yourself project, take care of the relief valve. The relief valve controls the pressure inside the tank. When pressure builds up, the relief valve activates. If the relief valve is installed improperly, it won't activate the way it should. If you're not sure how to install the relief valve properly, it's best to have a plumber handle the installation. 

Don't Mix Metals

If you've decided to install your own water heater, you'll need to pay attention to the metal you use for the project. This should include the pipes and connectors that you'll use. You want to make sure that you use the same type of metal for all the pipes and connections throughout the installation. Using a variety of metals can interfere with a proper fit. 

Maintain Adequate Ventilation

If you're ready to install your new water heater, plan for proper ventilation, especially if you're installing a gas water heater. Without adequate ventilation, the pilot light can go out, which can cause serious safety risks for you and your family. Before you install your water heater, be sure you have adequate ventilation in the area. If you plan to construct a cabinet area for your water heater, consult a plumber first. They can help to ensure proper ventilation in the storage compartment. 

Avoid Firing Up an Empty Tank

Finally, if you need to install a new water heater, take proper precautions before you fire it up for the first time. Many people light the pilot before the tank is completely filled. Unfortunately, that can cause damage to the water heater. To avoid the damage, make sure the water heater tank has finished filling before you light the pilot. 

Don't take chances with the installation of your new water heater. The information provided here will help you to avoid mistakes during the installation. For questions or concerns about hot water tank installations, contact a plumber near you. 


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