Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Options For Sewer Line Repair

Hunter Ford

A broken or badly clogged sewer line can be a major problem for your home. Sewage backups, water damage, and sewage in the lawn are both destructive and hazardous. The following are some options for remedying sewer line issues.

Root Remover

Many sewer line problems are actually caused by roots that have invaded the sewer lines. These roots find small joints and wend their way in. The roots then quickly fill the pipe thanks to the combination of water and nutrients they can find in the line. A plumber can use a pipe camera to locate the location of the clog in the pipe. Then, they can use a pipe snake to rout out the tree roots and clear the pipe. This will be sufficient to fix the problem as long as the pipe isn't broken apart or collapsing. Finally, you will likely need to pour in root killer that contains copper sulfate down the drain periodically to prevent the roots from blocking the sewer pipe again.

Traditional Line Replacement

For lines that are broken or collapsed, replacement may be necessary. The traditional way to do this is to dig up the old sewer line and remove it from the yard, then replace it with a new sewer pipe. Of course, this type of replacement can cause extensive damage to your landscaping and is quite invasive. Traditional replacement can also be more expensive if you have a long pipe, a deeply buried pipe, or extensive landscaping. For these reasons, it is best to use traditional replacement only if you need a short length of sewer pipe replaced or if there is something about the pipe that poses an environmental risk, such as a lead pipe.

Trenchless Replacement

Trenchless replacement takes less time and it is less invasive than traditional replacement. The repair contractor will feed an epoxy-coated sleeve into your damaged sewer pipe. The pipe liner is then inflated and the epoxy is left to cure before the sewer line is put back into use. This creates a waterproof lining for the pipe that replaces the old, damaged pipe. These liners have a similar lifespan to a traditional pipe replacement, and sewer repair services typically provide a warranty for the installation, as well. Since little to no damage occurs to the landscaping, you also don't have the expense of landscaping repairs. In many cases, trenchless replacement is the most economical option.

Contact a sewer pipe repair contractor for more help.


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