Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

One More Part Of The Plumbing To Maintain: The Sewer Line On Your Property

Hunter Ford

As a homeowner, you know that keeping everything in your house running well can be a neverending quest. You do your best to maintain it all, but sometimes things can get out of hand. This is especially the case for hidden features like the sewer lines running through your property. In most cases, those lines are your responsibility until they reach the border with the sidewalk or street, and they can be tough to deal with if you let them go for too long without maintenance. The big issue for these underground pipes is clogs, from both stuff in the pipes and around them, such as invading tree roots. Having the pipes cleaned out regularly helps prevent a lot of trouble.

Sometimes It's Not a Tree Root

Ask about clogs that can occur in the sewer lines under your lawn, and chances are you'll hear about tree roots. Trees with fast-growing roots can create havoc underground, with the roots creeping into cracks in the pipes and eventually filling the space enough to stop the flow of sewer water and solids. But another issue brews underground even when there are no tree roots nearby: gunk. You know how gunk builds up on the inside of the pipe just below your sink drain? The same thing can happen in sewer pipes. Too much of that buildup can lead to a clog.

Even a Partial Clog Creates Nasty Problems

But a clog isn't your immediate worry. Even a constriction in flow rates — maybe gunk has built up enough to narrow the pipe's interior space but not clog it — can lead to backups in your sinks and tubs. You can't really see this far into the pipes; that baking soda and vinegar you poured into the drain only helps the first few inches of the pipe. That means you need a plumber to clean out the sewer pipes regularly so you don't accidentally end up with a major backup that makes your home need water-damage restoration.

Doing It Yourself Could Have Consequences

This is something you shouldn't attempt on your own. The lines under your yard can be difficult to fix if they crack (you'd have to have that area of your yard excavated), and a professional plumber is going to know exactly how to prevent problems from forming when they try to clean out the pipes.

If you've noticed slow draining that doesn't seem to get better when you try to clean the drain, and if the slow draining seems to be occurring with every drain in your home, call a plumber and ask about a sewer line cleanout. It's time to get the sewer pipes on your property cleaned out.


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