Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

4 Signs You're Dealing With More Than a Simple Clogged Drain

Hunter Ford

Often, when one drain clogs, you can solve the problem yourself with a plunger, some elbow grease, and maybe a pot or two of boiling water. But sometimes, when a drain stops flowing, the issue is more than a simple clog. Rather, you might have a blockage further down the line, either in the main sewer line or in one of the wider lines feeding into it. This is something a plumber will need to take care of for you. Here are some signs that the problem at hand is more than a simple clogged drain. 

1. More than one drain is clogged.

While it is possible that your bathroom drain and kitchen drain could clog, independently, on the same day, when you have multiple clogged drains, the problem is more likely to be an issue further down a big line. There is likely a clog in a line that both (or all) of those drains feed into. If all of your drains slow down at once, then you probably have a clog in the main line.

2. Toilets won't flush.

If you're having drain issues and one or more of the toilets in your home won't flush or won't flush completely, that also suggests a clog in the main line. Toilets feed into the drain lines, too. Sometimes, the toilet may appear to flush, but then when you look into the bowl, some particles have rinsed back up. If you plunge and this issue persists, and you also have a slow or clogged drain, then you need to call a plumber.

3. Sewage backups have happened.

A sewage backup is when raw sewage or wastewater washes up and into one of your sinks or tubs. Some of your drains, especially those in the kitchen, may be fitted with backflow preventers so that this does not happen. However, laundry sinks and bathroom sinks are fitted with backflow preventers less often, so you might notice drain backups there if you have a blockage in a larger line.

4. Blockages come and go.

One of the most common causes of blockages in main sewer lines is tree roots. They grow in through a crack in the sewer line, and then they take over, creating a blockage. Often, the roots themselves don't fully block the line. But when toilet paper or other debris gets caught in the roots, drainage slows. Eventually, that toilet paper rinses away, and the line flows okay again. But then more toilet paper gets stuck on the roots, and your drains slow down again. 

If you think you may be dealing with more than a single blocked drain, don't go it alone! Call a plumber for professional repairs. For more information, turn to companies like Complete Plumbing.


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