Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Understanding Why Plumbing Quotes Can Be So Different

Hunter Ford

Do you need plumbing work done at your home, and are doing your due diligence by getting quotes from multiple plumbers? If so, you may be wondering why those quotes can be so different. Here are some reasons why you are getting different costs for the same plumbing services you are requesting.

The Experience Of The Plumber 

Much like any professional field, you can expect to pay more for a plumber that is more experienced than others. Experience goes a long way with ensuring that work is not only done correctly but also will be done fast and efficiently. If you are hiring a plumber that is new to the business, you may be able to find cheaper rates. You can determine this by asking what the plumber's hourly rate is to draw an accurate comparison.

The Guarantee On The Work Done

It's common for plumbers to provide a guarantee on the work that they are doing in their home. However, different plumbers will provide different types of guarantees on their work. One plumber may guarantee the plumbing work to not have problems for 30 days, while another guarantees the work for up to a year. You may be paying more for a longer guarantee that the work will be done properly.

The Nature Of The Repair Is Not Known

A plumbing estimate is just an estimate, with the actual repair being more or less depending on how severe the problem actually is. For example, if you have drains that are moving slowly, the problem could be as simple as a clog that requires a sewer snake to fix. Slow drains could also mean that the sewer line heading out of your home has collapsed, and it will require excavating your yard and replacing the pipes. Each type of repair has completely different costs associated with it due to parts and labor, and the problem won't be determined until the plumber starts investigating.

The Replacement Parts Have Varying Costs

There are different ways that you can have a plumbing job done, and you often have options for the parts that will be used. One plumber may be giving you a quote for a lower cost material, like PVC pipes, while another plumber is quoting a price with copper plumbing. You must compare apples-to-apples if you want a fair comparison between quotes.

If you have any question about a plumbing quote you've received, don't be afraid to ask the plumber more questions about how they determined their price.


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