Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Thinking About Buying A House? Why You Should Call A Plumber

Hunter Ford

When you're purchasing a home, having it inspected is usually a pretty big part of the process. Many lenders won't disburse the funds that they have pre-approved without first receiving a passing inspection report from a licensed inspector. After you receive that much-needed document and have submitted it to the bank, it would seem that you're in the clear. 

The issue is that the inspector might not have the expertise to fully examine the plumbing system in the house that you're thinking about buying. This is why you absolutely must bring in a plumber before you proceed further.

Plumbers Are Trained In Checking Main & Relief Water Lines

The main water line is just what the name implies:  It's the primary pipe through which water is pumped into your home. Outside water enters the water heater once it's inside before it comes out of your sinks and showers. An inspector might do a surface check by turning on the faucets to see if the water runs hot and cold, but there's also the possibility that they don't have the training or experience needed to get down into the true plumbing system to check the condition of these two important lines.

A certified plumber knows how to examine the main and relief valves on the water heater to determine if they are in good shape. This is something you need to know about before you move into the house because if there is somehow a break on either line that was overlooked the costs to repair these types of problems might be too much to handle, especially after you've just put a sizable down payment on the house. 

Plumbers Check For Hard Water

There are certain parts of the country where the water tends to have more minerals in it than in other areas. Because the water might still appear clear to the naked eye, it's easy to not know about this. 

When the plumber conducts a pre-purchase inspection, they can let you know if the water is on the harder side of the spectrum. Hard water tends to be rougher on water heaters because the sediment in the liquid sinks down to the bottom of the machine and can eventually build up if you don't have it cleaned regularly.

Evaluating a house from as many angles as possible only adds to your peace of mind. Let the plumber inspect the house, and you'll know what kind of plumbing system you're dealing with before you make the purchase. For more information, contact your local water heater replacement service. 


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