Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Trenchless Sewer Repair Is Convenient And Quick

Hunter Ford

Trenchless sewer repair is a way of replacing a damaged sewer line. It's a more convenient method of repair than digging a trench beside the line to expose it. With trenchless repair, the work is done while the pipe is still buried. Here's an overview of how the process works.

Determine If Trenchless Repair Is Suitable 

Trenchless sewer repair isn't always the right option. The process involves pulling a liner through the old pipe, and if the pipe makes sharp turns or if it's too deep, then that might not be possible. A plumber might do a video inspection of the line first to visualize the inside of the pipe to determine if trenchless repair is going to be an option.

Compare The Benefits Of Trenchless Repair

The materials used to make the pipe liner are durable and have a long life, which makes trenchless repair a good investment. The work is also much quicker than traditional repairs that require digging out the old pipe. You might have the work done in a single day without the need to bust up a walkway or tear out your yard. Trenchless sewer repair is often the best option when the old pipe needs to be replaced, and you don't want to destroy your landscaping.

Replace The Damaged Sewer Pipe

The liner that's pulled through the old pipe hardens into a new pipe that replaces the old one. The old pipe stays under the ground, but the waste from your home flows through the new one that's inside it. An advantage of this type of repair is the length of the liner is customized to what you need, so there are no seams for tree roots to work apart. With a continuous pipe, there is a reduced risk of leaking in the future.

Installing the pipe requires two holes, but the damage to your yard is much less than you'd see if a trench was dug to get the old pipe out of the ground.

The liner cures in place once it is positioned properly, so it forms a hard pipe that can be snaked and treated just like any other type of sewer pipe.

If you're having problems with tree root clogs that require snaking every few years, then putting in a new pipe is the best solution. The trenchless method of repair makes the process more convenient and quicker. It could be the solution to your problem if you're putting off repairs because you hate the thought of destroying your yard.


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