Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Four Ways To Clear A Clogged Drain

Hunter Ford

Clogged plumbing can cause all sorts of problems for your household, making it impossible for you to use some water fixtures and also greatly increasing the risk of plumbing damage and associated water damage. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can clear out your plumbing. Understanding the variety of ways that you can get the water flowing in your home again can help you get your life back on track again as soon as possible.


Plungers can work for all drains, not just toilets. They work by forcing pressure down your pipes, hoping to force the clog to flow down the drain or to shift in such a way that the next flush or burst of water is powerful enough to knock it loose. This is the quickest way to deal with minor clogs, though keep in mind that you may not be able to deal with a complete blockage this way.

Hot Water

Though this really only applies to kitchen sinks, it's an important (and easy!) method to clear up your plumbing. Kitchen drains can become clogged over time due to a buildup of grease, fats and oils which have congealed within the drain. In order to melt through these clogs, you can try running hot water down the pipes for a while: the hot water should melt a small way through the blockage, and will eventually clear your pipes away. Be sure to run your water for a few minutes after the drain has cleared to ensure that you've removed as much built up grease and fat as possible.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Though it's more commonly used in science fair volcanoes, the acidic quality of vinegar, coupled with the foaming of baking soda, can eat its way through a number of different organic clogs. Simply flush a mixture of half and half baking soda and vinegar down the drain, and follow it up with boiling water. A few repeat treatments may be needed to break through particularly stubborn clogs.

Drain Snakes

For clogs that are physically strong and will resist natural remedies and hot water, you may want to consider renting a drain snake from a hardware store. These work by simply working their way through your plumbing and quite literally punching a hole through the clog in your drain. This is the most effective, but also the most labor-intensive way to clear out your plumbing. Unfortunately, it may also be the only way to clear out clogs that are made out of paper products, hair, and other common bathroom materials that are fairly durable. 

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