Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Three Benefits Of Replacing Metal Pipes Now Rather Than Later

Hunter Ford

When you buy an older home, take note of the plumbing. Do you have metal pipes or PVC? Sometimes there is a mix if the previous owners updated parts of the house. If you buy the house, you should immediately replace all metal pipes with PVC. Here are the major benefits of doing so.

Those Metal Pipes Will Rust out and Create Water Damage

If they have not already, metal pipes will rust out and create a ton of water damage. They are not meant to last, but metal is all they had to work with sixty-plus years ago. Replacing all of your remaining metal pipes with PVC now means you will not have to deal with extensive water damage, mold, and rotten floors and cabinets later on.

You Can Avoid Extra Expenses Related to Failed Metal Pipes

When metal pipes fail, they fail in a very big way. They send waterfalls of water down basement walls and along anything that is in their way, including the tops of ventilation shafts. The water will go everywhere. When it does, you will have to pay hundreds, even possibly thousands, in water damage and mold remediation expenses. Given that you would naturally want to avoid all of those additional expenses on top of plumbing repair, it pays to replace all of the metal pipes now.

Metal and Rust Will No Longer Be Present in Your Water

Hard water contains the rust, lime, calcium deposits and other debris of rotten metal pipes. It forces your water softener to work twice as hard to provide you with cleaner water. By removing the metal pipes and replacing them with the PVC pipes, your water softener can function better and your water is not quite so "hard." Your water will taste better and do better for bathing, washing, cleaning, and cooking.

Schedule the Appointment to Replace Pipes

Shop around for a plumber. Most plumbers charge about the same for labor costs, but supplies may vary in price. Intend to spend anywhere from five hundred dollars to two thousand dollars for pipe replacements, depending on how many pipes you have that are still metal. Budget in advance so there are no surprises. If your budget falls a little short, replace the majority of the pipes now, and then replace the rest as soon as you are financially able to do so, preferably within the next couple of months so you do not forget.


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