Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Three Ways To Make Sure Your New Pipes Last A Good, Long Time

Hunter Ford

Replacing your home's pipes can cost thousands of dollars. This is definitely a large-scale maintenance issue you want to avoid if at all possible. Whether you have brand new pipes or yours have been around for a while, following the tips offered here will prevent issues so you're not as likely to need them replaced anytime soon.

Don't use chemical drain cleaners.

They're a quick fix when you have a stubborn clog, but in the long run, they do more harm than good. The corrosive chemicals used in these products slowly eat away at the insides of your pipes, and regular use can lead to premature leaks that may cause you to need to replace some or all of your pipes. When your drain clogs, try using a plunger first. If that does not work, try boiling water or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. If you're willing to spend a bit more, you can find enzyme-based drain cleaners that will eat away at the clog without also eating away at your pipes. Companies like Drainserv can help you with drain cleaning if you need it.

Install a water softener.

If you have hard water in your area, by all means, invest in a home water softener. The softener will remove any excess minerals from the water so they don't end up building up in your pipes. Your pipes may seem fine now, but if you have untreated hard water, you can bet that mineral deposits in their interior are growing larger and larger. Eventually, they will slow down the flow of water considerably, and your only real option will be to replace the pipes.

Keep the pipes from freezing.

Your pipes may not burst the first time they freeze, although that is a real possibility. But each time they freeze, the pressure of the frozen ice pressing outward on the pipes weakens them just a little bit more. Eventually, even if they do not actually burst, they might start leaking at the seams. A bent pipe is hard to repair, so you may end up needing to have the pipes replaced.

To keep your pipes from freezing, make sure they are all well wrapped in insulation. Keep cabinet doors open to prevent pipes behind your kitchen sink from freezing. And always turn the heat to at least 60, even if you won't be home for a while. If you have pipes that freeze regularly, leaving the water on just a trickle on the coldest days will help keep them from freezing again.


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