Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

Hunter Ford

The heating and cooling system in your home needs to be maintained properly or you will find yourself without heat when you need it during those cold winter nights, or when you need that wonderful air conditioning during the hot summers. The reason that the heating or cooling system seems to go out when you need it most is that is when the system is working the hardest. However, with some simple maintenance, your heating and air conditioning can continue to work properly. Here are a few things to check for your systems to work properly:

Air Duct System

You may not realize it, but over time dust and other debris can get caught in the vent system and cause a major block in the system. One problem that you will find is that the block is often caused by dust or mold, which are major allergens. When the vent system is blocked that means that the heating or cooling system has to work much harder to push the air through the vents. The harder the systems have to work the more strain it puts on the system, and the more likely there is to be a malfunction. You will also notice that this can cause your energy bills to go up.

Air Filters

While all systems are different there is one thing that makes them the same, and that is the need to change out the air filter often. Even small amounts of dust or other debris making it into the system can really cause a major problem. The good news is that air filters are usually very cheap and they can be changed without the need of many tools, or much knowledge of the system. You will want to follow the instructions on the system, but they are generally very easy. Check the filter every three months to ensure that it is in good shape. 


A major problem that air conditioning systems have that many people do not realize is the compressor is not working properly. One of the main problems you will find with air compressors is that they are not level. The compressor will have different coils that allow the coolant to run through them, but if the compressor is not level then the coolant will not be able to flow through the coils the way that it is supposed to. Level the compressor, and put it on a concrete slab. 

Contact a local furnace maintenance company for more information and assistance. 


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