Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

3 Things You Probably Put In Your Washing Machine That Could Lead To Drainage Problems

Hunter Ford

Of all of the appliances you have in the house, there is one that is a sheer modern convenience, and that is the washing machine. Think about how much work it used to be to do laundry when everything had to be washed by had and it is easy to appreciate this appliance. However, the age of modern convenience and modern appliances really puts stress on some of the plumbing systems in the average home. If you're not careful, some of the things you do every day when you wash your laundry could lead to major drainage problems down the road. Check out these three things you probably do when you do laundry that could affect your pipes:

Too Much Detergent 

It is no big secret that modern washing machines are designed to wash laundry with as little detergent as possible, but even still, the ongoing assumption, when clothes are really dirty, is that more soap must be better. If you consistently pour more soap into your washing machine than it can handle, it means all of the detergent-filled water will be eliminated through the drainage lines in the house. Over time, the excess detergent content can accumulate inside the lines.

Extremely Dirty Laundry

Maybe you live on a farm or maybe you just have a few kids in the house who view a mud hole as an open opportunity to have fun. Either way, clothing that is exceptionally dirty–whether it is caked with mud and dirt or covered in dog hair–can definitely cause drainage problems after enough wash cycles. The lines leading from your washing machine and into the drainage of the house is fairly small. Even though there is a filter inside to catch debris that don't get funneled out during the wash cycle, this crud can still cause a lot of headaches. 

Hard Water 

This one's a biggie, but many homeowners see the hard water stains on the inside of their washing machine and think nothing of it. Hard water is heavily laced with mineral compounds, such as calcium and lime. These deposits can accumulate in the drainage lines when you wash clothes and eventually contribute to some pretty ugly clogs. If you suspect your home has an issue with hard water, it is a good idea to have a plumber help you install a water softening system, which will save the life of your appliances but also your plumbing system. 

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