Finding Better Plumbers

Finding Better Plumbers

Three Ways To Prevent Your Personal Care Products From Ruining Your Plumbing

Hunter Ford

The impact of your personal care routines and products on your plumbing likely goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, many common products can eventually lead to significant and costly plumbing catastrophes. Simple changes in your personal care can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

Buy The Right Toilet Paper

Depending on your toilet and plumbing, you may need to be more meticulous about the toilet paper you buy. For example, some toilet papers are thicker and more comfortable to use but can cause problems going through your pipes. Pay special attention when you change toilet paper brands or types, and determine if you notice any problems with the toilet paper being difficult to flush or more problems with toilet clogs. If you have a septic system, make sure you are purchasing brands that specify they are safe for septic systems. Another concern is the increased use of flushable wipes. Although they are designed to be flushed, they do not readily dissolve in water and may cause problems in some households. If you need extra cleanliness, keep a small spray bottle of water near the toilet and use it to dampen your usual toilet paper.

Be Cautious About Skin Care Products

Face masks can cause problems with your plumbing if they contain clay and/or charcoal. These ingredients are often used to help clear your pores and reduce excess oil production. Since they are often thick and gritty, they can create clogs in your drain, especially if you use these products frequently. If you use a face mask, it is safer to use damp paper towels or disposable cleansing cloths to remove the mask and simply throw it in the trash.

Other products you may use on your face, such as makeup removers, often contain oils to help dissolve waterproof makeup. Minimize the amount of oil going down your drain by using makeup remover wipes or other disposable products to remove face oils or makeup removers containing oils before cleansing.

Don't Skip Regular Shampoo

Many people avoid hair products containing silicone, parabens, and other ingredients that are considered unhealthy for their hair and scalp. Part of being more ingredient-conscious is using shampoos that are not necessarily effective in breaking up oil and hair product build-up in the hair. One of the main benefits of using traditional shampoos is they not only help thoroughly clean your hair, but the same ingredients can help break down residue that will enter the drain when you wash your hair and potentially cause clogs. If you do not feel comfortable occasionally integrating traditional shampoos into your hair care routine because it contributes to dryness and tangles, periodically add a few drops of dish detergent to your drain. Dish detergents are designed with surfactants, which break up oils.

Small changes to your personal care can have a significant impact on your plumbing. Being more cognizant about what goes down your drain can minimize clogs and major repairs.


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