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Finding Better Plumbers

Understanding The Wax Toilet Ring And How To Replace It

Hunter Ford

If your toilet has been leaking or if the porcelain has cracked, then you need a toilet repair. If you decide to complete the repair yourself and you need to remove the toilet from the floor to make adjustments, then you will lift the toilet off from the wax ring that sits on the floor. If this piece of the toilet seems a bit odd or if you had no idea that it even existed, then you are not alone. The ring is a hidden part of the toilet that you may have never had the chance to see. If you want to know what this ring is, why it is important, and also how to replace it, keep reading.

What Is The Wax Ring?

When you lift up a toilet from the floor, you will see a ring that sits just over the drain opening that attaches to the bottom of the toilet. This ring is made from wax and it creates a seal between the toilet and the waste pipe. The seal is one that wedges itself around the toilet opening to fill in any gaps or spaces that may develop between the toilet base and the floor. This prevents leaks from developing and waste from leaking onto your floor. The wax ring also adheres to the waste pipe and flange to prevent a leak in this area as well. 

The ring is made from wax because wax is pliable and able to mold itself to the different shapes, sizes, and openings of the different toilets you can buy. This helps with preventing leaks, regardless of the type of toilet you purchase. Also, the wax resists mold and mildew growth and also the development of bacteria. Wax is also waterproof and it resists decomposition as the seal ages. This is something that cannot be said of rubber seals that crack and break as they age. 

How Do You Replace The Seal?

It is wise to replace the wax seal when you remove the toilet from the floor, because the ring may be damaged or molded into a larger formation as you remove the toilet from the floor. Also, the movement of removal may ding or scrape some of the wax away from the ring and keep it from creating a proper seal. 

If you need to replace the ring, then use a putty knife or a utility knife around the edge of the old seal where it meets the floor flange. gently lift up the old seal and throw it away. Go to your local home store to purchase a new wax toilet seal. They are typically one size fits all varieties. 

Once you have the seal, place the flat part of the ring over the toilet flange. The ring will match the dimensions of the flange and the opening in the middle of the ring will match the size of the drain opening as well. Once the ring is centered over the waste opening, lift up the toilet and place it straight down over the ring. Secure the bolts to the bottom of the toilet at this time. 


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